Place your goods and services on your web-site.
Customer will add your goods and services to cart, place an order, choose a delivery type, manager will receive a new order immediately.
Goods may have different options like different colors or sizes.
You can receive payments throw PayPal.


Receive payments with Credit Cards

Online stores built on MAD WWW may receive payments with credit cards, paypal and any other way.
We will help you to place all your goods,
make some settings and start to sell your goods and services.


Adaptive web-design

All web-sites built on MAD WWW cloud platform looks great on some device: a smartphone,a tablet, a laptop or a large screen.
Web-site will adapt it's layout depending on a screen size. Web-sites created on MAD WWW cloud platform works well on most of operating systems in modern web-browsers.



Our web-sites meets all legal requirements about cookies and customer`s personal information.
We have prepared all texts and notifications for cookies, forms and privacy policy.


Established in 2007

MAD MAKERS have been working since 2007.

We have a 12-years history and own cloud-based system and servers in datacenter. We have own CMS, Help Desk service, Online store service.

Our customers are in Croatia, Finland, Mallorca, China, Russia


All inclusive

We are creating websites with exclusive unique design according to your requirements. No open-source codes in the core, no pattern designs from stocks.
We are creating brands, a corporate identity, logos, online stores, a grapihical design for some purpose.
We provide content management, an advertising and support for services.
Servers, Domains, Settings, Security, Updates - are our business -and not your headache.


Check out our web-sites. All of them are unique. No patterns at all! 

One more thing: We can create you a corporate identity, Logo, Graphical design, Print design, Advertisment design, Roll-up design and etc.



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What can we suggest

We have been making web-sites since 2007.
We have our own servers in datacenter, we have our own cloud-based system, a team of professional developers, designers and managers.


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Usefull articles

Happy new year 2019!


MADMAKERS wishes you a happy New Year!

The design for Lomopack is already done!


Wrapping products and household goods

Integrated website promotion


We have launched a new website promotion service. Guaranteed new visitors the day after the start!


All of our websites are secured with SSl-certificates


Sites of our clients work with HTTPS

Сlick-to-call links for mobile browsers


We will do so that the client immediately began to call just push a button

We have done design for Mistral


Approved web design for the site of women's and children's underwear, swimwear, beach tunics


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