Events allows you to create different events on website (webinars, meetings, classes). Users can register to thoose events on selected dates. 

Events structure is following: events types contain events. Example: webinars is event type, NX webinar, Sales webinar are events.

Every event can contain several dates. For example: Sales webinar can be arranged on 16 of June and 16 of July.

User can register to any date of any event.

Let's start. How to work with events.

How to open list of all events types

  1. Optn list of all event types
    On admin sidebar click to "Events types" in "Events" section.

  2. You will see a new page with list of events types
    If you have created any events types before - they will appear.


How to create new event type

  1. Create new event type - click on "+" button on admin sidebar

  2. Select "Event type" 
    Dialog box will appear. Click on "Event type"

  3. Enter the name of new event type and click "Create" button
    Dialog blox will appear. Enter the name of new event type (ex. Webinars) and click "Create" button.

  4. Open an event type you've created
    New event type will be added to events list - click on it to open.

  5. Event type page will be opened
    Calendar and events list will be empty because of this event type has no event yet.


How to edit event type

  1. Event type page should be opened

  2. Switch to edit mode
    Click on pencil button in admin sidebar

  3. You will see admin buttons and controls and on page

  4. Fill up an event type description and save it
    Type something to description. You may insert text, images, links, buttons - whatever you want. Don't forget to click "Save" button.

  5. Change event type title
    Click on "Edit event type title" button.
    In dialog box appeared enter new title (ex. My Webinars) and click "Save" butotn.

  6. Title will be saved

  7. Change event type URL
    URL is event type page address. You can set any address after http:/ , ex. or

    Click on "Url" button - dialog box will appear
    Enter new URL and click "Save" button

  8. URL will be updated - you can see it in browser's address bar

How to create new event

  1. On admin sidebar click on "+" button

  2. Select "Event" in dialog box appeared

  3. Enter information required for new event and click "Create" button

    A dialog box will appear. You should enter a name of new event, ex. "Webinar", choose event type for it and click "Create" button

  4. Event will be created
    Optn it by clicking to notification (it should be shown on left-top or right-top corner of window)


How to open list of all events

  1. Click on "Events" on admin sidebar

  2. Page with list of all events will be opened
    Click on event to open it


How to edit event

  1. Open an event page
  2. Switch to edit mode
    Click on pencil button in admin sidebar

  3. Admin buttons will appear
    On admin sidebar you will see buttons to edit event

    You will be abble to set a description for event in left and right column 

  4. Change event type
    On admin sidebar click to "Edit event type" button

    In dialog box appeared choose another event type (if not exists - you can create new event type inside this dialog box) and click on "Save" button

  5. Event type will be changed
    Current event will be shown in new event type

  6. Change event name
    On admin sidebar click on on "Edit event title" button

    Type another name in dialog appeared and click on "Save" button

  7. Title will be saved

  8. Change URL of event's page
    On admin sidebar click on "Edit page url" button

    In dialog box appeared enter new URL of page, for ex. "mywebinar" and click on "save" button

  9. Url of page will be saved
    If you typed "mywebinar" the new URL will be like following: URL of event is added directly after site domain name.

  10. Add event dates
    On admin sidebar click on "Add date" button

    In dialog box enter a date and duration of event. Then click "Add" button

  11. Date will be added.
    Date will be added and shown in dates list of event and in calendar

  12. Add one more date
    It will be added to list as well

  13. Set dates interwal to show event on website
    This dates may be skipped and left empty. But if you want to hide this event in dates interval different to selected you should fill up theese dates.

    Click on "Event show dates" on admin sidebar

    In dialog box set the beginning and end dates and click "Save" button

  14. Давайте Set the registration form 
    Users can register to event using this form (if you use forms from third-party crm-system - skip this step)

    Click on "Assign form" button on admin sidebar

    You will see a list of all forms of your website
    Click on button on left side of form name - this form will be assigned to event

    We reccomend you to add a selectbox field with event's dates to form to let customer to choose a date of event in form.

  15. How to insert 3-party form instead of standard form?
    If you use a 3-party code for forms, you can add it to event page instead of standard form.

    Click on "Assign code" button on admin sidebar

    Copy your code to textarea in dialog box and click on "add" button

  16. Let's show "select date" button on ritght side of event dates
    If customer click on that "select" button the url of pages is appended with date of event.
    Using this you can define the date of event if you use 3-party forms.

    Click on "Show slect date button" on admin sidebar

    Select button will appear (may be you'll need to refresh page before)

  17. Let's fill up an event description 
    Fill up an event description on event page on left and right columns

    Don't forget to save descriptions by clicking "Save" button on editor pane for every description column

How to divide events list to sections, how to add headers to events list


If you have big ammount of events in events list you can add headers to divide that list to sections.


  1. Switch to edit mode
    Click on pencil button in admin sidebar

  2. Cclick on "Add header" button
    Note that you can edit headers by clicking on "pencil" button on left side of header

  3. Enter title of new header and click on "Save" button

  4. How to change header position or title?
    To edit position of header or event in list (or delete it) just click on pencil button on left side of header - a dialog box will appear

  5. In dialog box you can change title and position - then click "Save"
    All events and headers in list are sorted ascending by position. If position is "-2" - it will be shown on top of event or header with position "0". If position is 5 - it will be shown on bottom of element with position "2"

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