The tutorial for working with pages

Let's find out how to work with pages on the example of the created page
1.Click on the "Create" button in Administrator mode
2. In the opened dialogue box create a name of the page and choose one of templates after it click on "Use". If you want to look at the choosen tamplate before using you can click on "Scale in" or "View on page".
3. The page will have created when the notification appears, click on it and go to your page
4. Open the edit mode in the Admin-Panel 
5. The edit mode has enabled
We have created an empty page so we need to add a row. Click on "Add row" and select where you want to insert the row and click plus button
6. A dialogue box opens, from which you can select the template that you want to add.
7. The template "Text and picture" was choosen
 We have the block with a text from the left side and a picture from the right side. You can change the displayed text clicking on it, after the correction you nesessary to click "Save" button, it is important, otherwise changes will not save
 8. Also you can replace the picture. You need to click on the picture and shoose "Insert/edit image"
9. Upload your picture
10. in the opened dialogue click on "Upload file" and add pictures from your computer, they will appear in the list under the title "Name"
11. Choose your picture and click on the check mark 
12. Your picture has replaced
13. This row consists of 2 columns. Left with a text and Right with a picture. Lets see how to change the width of column. Click the "Change width" button in the left menu and choose a column 
14. In the dialog that opens, set the width of the new column for each screen.
How it works: page width - 100%. If there are two columns with a width of 50% in one row, they will be displayed one on the side of the other. If the three columns are 33% wide, they will also be displayed to the side of each other. If the column does not fit, it will be moved to the next line.
Thus, it is possible to set the width of the columns for large screens so that they are displayed sideways from each other, and for small screens so that they are displayed one under the other.
For example, if we need to make 4 columns, then for the large and medium screen the width will be 25%, for the small one - 50% each (the columns will be displayed two per line), for the ultra-small screen - 100% (each column on a new line) .
Set the desired width and click "Save"
15. lets create a new column. Click the "Add column" button in the left menu and choose a new place for the column. Press on the plus and this will appear a new column.
16. Adjust width of the column
17. Lets add a new element in the column. We need to click the "Add element" button in the left menu and choose a column where to place it.
Attention! Sliders and forms are edited in a separate editor. The remaining elements are edited on the page itself.
18. lets choose the element "Text"
19. Create your new text push on tne "Create text" button
20. Make up the title for your text and click the "Create" button
21. The block with a text will appear in your page, you can replace it

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